Falling down is always considered unlucky. Why failure is seen as a demon in fact it is the best example for blessing in disguise. Success disguise itself by wearing a beard of failure, you need to shave it up and bring the real success. Every single person in this world experiences failure at some point in their lives.It is one of those fundamental rituals which will happen in every event.

Thinking of failure as "bad" will ruin your chances of sucess in any long term endeavor. One should retrain their mind to see failure as a part of process and a stepping stone to your eventual success.

One should recondition themselves to see it as a good thing. For this they need lots of patience and it is very important to keep the spirits high when you are struggling.

Failure is point where you start learning which takes you forward in the road of success, most of the people are so afraid of doing things wrong that they never try to, and their journey never begins.

In our society failure is a stigma. People try to diminish you and their mindset is not at the level where failure is seen as a good thing and a learning tool.

Try to gather those people who will help to lift you when you feel apart. Who rises up your ability and help you to take part in the journey again. Along with people, you should see yourself as a warrior, full of courage, self believe and who don't have fear of failure.

social conditioning, fear of feeling discomfort, ignorance, insult, everything makes a person fearful. Change the way you look at failure. Go out try new things, new experiences, have new ideas. Failure is just a blessing in disguise it is something that seems bad or unlucky at 1st but results in something great later.

Generally what seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.
- Oscar Wilde