Obstacles Created By Intent.

Jun 03, 2020   •  6 views

You have all the power in the world to turn every bit of your failure into a major success.

You absolutely have no power to turn a single bit of their success into a major failure.

You see, you try to the best of your ability to make sure that they give up, but all you witness till the end is that they reach the topmost ladder even after the hardest obstacle you award them with.

That's the power of honesty.

That's the power of being true.

No competitor is rising high to feed your insecurities to the point where you feel the need to cut them off your way in order to win.

The Universe is highly responsive to each vibe you send out there. If you are planning to break someone into pieces for no apparent reason, the Universe will make sure to screw you up in ways you never imagined.