Section 377 : Freedom Is The Right To Choose

Divya Porwal
Jan 08, 2019   •  7 views

What is section 377 ?

Section 377 of the Indian panel code (IPC) is an act that criminalises the
homosexuality and it was very started by the Britishers in 1861.In India before the 6th September 2018

it was considered as a crime but after the longest running LGBT rights battle
in India has been finallywon!

Now the Government of India decriminalise the homosexuality between man and man or woman and woman. India has beenalwaysknown for its culture and rituals and it was like a world war 3 battle in which the India fought with its culture and rituals to make people set free to choose their love, companionand their belongingness.

It took much time to decide whether it should be criminalises or decriminalisesbut finally the love wins.Many orthodox people are still opposing for this, according to them in order to become a developed country India adapting all the patterns of western country whether it is about fashion or culturebut finallythe constitution favours the fact that Love is not all about sex and set a family, it’s allabout happiness and satisfaction in the life.

Any consensual sexual relationship between two consenting adults – homosexuals, heterosexuals or lesbians – cannot be said to be unconstitutional,”said the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra, as he read out the judgment.

Now the country is more equal and more colourful.

Good sides of Section 377 :

  1. It helps in controlling the population size of the country. Now the people of homosexuality lives together only for the sake of love not for family unless until they transplant their sexual parts.

  2. Orphans gets parents and gays and lesbians gets child, if they wishes to set their family.

  3. Helps India to become a developed country where there is actually equality exists. The reason behind why the America, Russia, japan, Franceetc… are developed countries , because they give more importance to the human and their perspectives rather to follow the prolong orthodox.

  4. The intelligence of the gays and lesbians can’t be checked on their character basis. They can work in corporates with the same pride and can contribute towards the National GDP.