Being a lesbian or gay or transgender or bisexual is not seen as “normal”. Majority of people of this community even struggle to achieve equality.

LGBT community faces discrimination which causes many to live unsatisfactory lives for a reason they have no control over.

Now the question that comes in the mind is whether facing the world is easy?

Having different sexual preferences is ordinary but can be extremely difficult to admit, even to yourself.

There have been many cases in which instead of coming out to people, they usually lie. Situation like these can cause some kind of mental stress, depression and devastation of emotions which makes their dream of equality unattainable.

The fact that they don’t even admit to their family is because they have a fear of getting rejected because of their sexual orientation.

These people get so suppressed due to this sort of discrimination but they have no choice. They will have to overcome and move on.

Someone’s sexual orientation and preference is its own choice and judging on that basis is gross. It can affect someone so deeply that it abrupt the healthy mental working and other aspects of daily life.

Equality is a basic fundamental right. Then why does it seem difficult to achieve?

They are accepted constitutionally (section 377 of IPC) after a long fight but not by the society and it is a slow process which will take time.

Though 90% of LGBT community said that acceptance is felt since the past decade and will grow further but still many sections of society feel this as a major stigma or pariah. These needs a substantial change.

Even hundred years ago, it was acceptable to marry into your own family but now it is not acceptable.

Nowadays even same sex marriage is not that big deal as compared to earlier times, when it was considered as a taboo.

So, with the changing world the meaning of “normal” is constantly changing and it seems that sexual diversity will not be a matter of concern and controversy in future times. In next decades, it will be highly achievable in the eyes of society.

At last I would conclude by saying:

“It takes some intelligence and insight to figure out that you are from LGBT and then a tremendous amount of balls to live it and live it proudly.”


Thank You

-Parul Alag



Profile of Abhishek Tyagi
Abhishek Tyagi  •  18w  •  Reply
Because it isn't normal if you are so proud of the topic what if your parents for lesbian again would you be proud of that you wouldn't even be born to think of it would you so it's just a psychological disease grew up by this millennials
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Rashi Aggarwal  •  18w  •  Reply
Really loved the article and thought keep writing such articles