Mom, the cloud is too good and it’s dropping. Let’s have a cup of hot coffee and have a conversation.

In halting words, I asked her.

Mom, let me say about my school crush ma. You know, he is fair and very lean, but that stupid doesn’t have a feeling for your daughter. Let me show about the love letters I received from the class; am sure we will chuckle out loud together.

Mom, when I speak tired and tell I really had a very long day and I will talk to you tomorrow, please say it’s totally fine.

Mom, when I say things are not working good, Stop discouraging me and ask me what happened and comfort me that everything will be better someday. The words from you really value.

Mom, I do travel 7 hours to 8 to see you, come and give me a hug before complaining about how my color changed, how my body structure changed.

Mom, I am not coming home, let me go to my sister home this week. Losing the ring in the sea and it is so painful to search that special ring, I feel the same pain when I miss her. I want to go to her and get back the golden days we owned in childhood.

Mom, this is my house. A place where I can be myself. But I perceive rules stuck when to get up and how to behave. When my brother gets everything from his bed why can’t I?

Mom, I am quite happy and satisfied with this salary, let me try slowly for the next company and get the hike I deserve. I can buy things on my own and it is completely fine to postpone few for the next month from where I learn the struggles and value of money.

Mom, I need to be in a better profession, I desire to hear the tones of smiles in the home which I bought you before I get married.

Mom, I have a few friends here. I shout and fight with them like a crazy fool, they do adjust and come behind me. When you ask them, they can complain about my stupidity for 2 days continuously. Sometimes, I do share everything with them when am hesitant to share with you. But, my heart aches for you.

Mom, let me shorten my hair. Why does this society care about my hairstyle and rule on that?

Sometimes, pull my hand, hold it and in your soft voice ask me Am I satisfied with my job? Am I happy with my friends? Be beside me always ma.

I want to take you and roam the entire city. Only you and I, let try different foods, watch different places, gossip about the neighborhood aunty and go crazy ma. Let us dance and take mad pictures.

I need my home to be charged with all my friends and longing to have you in our gang. I want them to share their stories with you, let’s sit and relax with them ma.

When I Say about my Boyfriend, hit and punish me but After an hour, wipe my tears and ask me what made me love him, his job and to what extent he cares about me before enquiring about his caste and status.

Ma, before you find this letter in your trembling hands, let me talk to you. Let me spill my heart out before you feel regret about it.

Hold my hand and walk with me ma, walk with me in the dark too!

#I need my mom; I need to call her a Friend. Love you, Mom than anyone in this world.