An Ordinary And Boring Life

Dhivya R
Aug 13, 2021   •  9 views

Kyra, it's 11 PM, time to bed, I politely told her.

She ran away towards me, cuddled me, and energetically asked me to play along with her.

No, Kyra, mom is too tired for playing.

She got a little upset and asked for a bedtime story.

I am exhausted but made up my mind to shoot her a story.

Kyra became enthusiastic and excited at me when I am about to start my first word.

There was a girl who lived her ordinary, boring, guilt-free life and has no onions.

She was bewildered and questioned what's interesting in that girl Mumma!

She is living a mediocre life, and isn't that interesting to know?

Mumma, why ordinary and not extraordinary?


How many of us have a decent job and have a better amount of money every month in our account, but still, there is always something that bugs and finds ways not to be satisfied! I read it in a book, "Being average became a new standard of failure". I feel it exists with all of us every day and none of the nights pass without holding a question, Are we doing enough?

When the 9 to 5 job is not satisfying, we immediately jump to a conclusion and find a passion, next disturbance would be about considering others getting a decent amount of money when we are still in search of what is that serves us. The cycle repeats, and those thoughts constantly whirl around our minds, which never lets us sleep peacefully. And, there is no deadline to finish all the commitments before the 30s or 40s? Is there any dog chasing behind telling us to run every moment? Then why do we run so much when we are not happy.

Ordinary is real and permanent because extraordinary brings uncertainties within.

And the girl chose to walk slowly and happily than running without reason or running regrettably.

Mumma, why Boring?


A lot of us are scared of everything.

Fearful of boredom, being silent or in silence. When we see a person in a lift, greet them, and abruptly discomfort awakes till the lift goes up due to silence. But if we look deep, the Silence is Beautiful.

It's now a life skill that everybody needs to know how to be bored?!

Many of us are afraid of Monday, but none of us enjoy the weekend. After enjoying a movie or hanging out with friends, the two hours that are left for a day are tagged into "BOREDOM".

Being bored is a treasured time to sit with ourselves and know who we are. It's not the time to scroll through screens, which is not sitting with ourselves, but diving deep within to understand the life inside us. A state helps us to traverse a lot about fears, love, questioning oneself, needs and wants for a peaceful life. Silence is a tool to be in peace.

We are not bored of Sun arising every day, having our evening coffee, activities like brushing and bathing, using a phone for 7 hours a day, the problem boredom gives is silence and talking to own selves.

And the girl lives celebrating the boredom.

Mumma, what is guilt-free life?

I define wealth as guilt-free life.

After having a great night's sleep, alternatively, of being fresh about the night, the perfect day ruins thinking, why dint I wake up early to do stuff that was left?

Having a favorite pizza let me be harsh on myself for not controlling the diet.

The time I indulge myself in Netflix, later enjoying the movie, drop me sad for not being productive.

So, one or the other way, I am happy and experiencing double resentment for being personally, relishing a day, and breaking my own rules. Happiness is a joy to have flowed like a river and no rules to be defined or followed.

Taking care of health, arising early, being prolific remains important, but it's more valuable to enjoy doing it and guilt-free when there are idle days!

She urged for the next question, Mumma, why didn't she have onions?

I chuckled at her innocence and continued,

Baby, she and her mother went on a road for a walk.

As you know, Some Women and men bring Onions, vegetables on a cycle or a bike. That girl's mother shouted to get the onions as the man went quickly in a cycle. Immediately, she felt embarrassed as others are looking at her mom for having a high-pitch. She yelled at her mom and took her back home.

That night, she missed her favorite food as they did not have onions. And, that's when she realized, the fear we have about others doesn't help to gain anything but losing our favorites and happiness.

The morning, her mom prepared her favorite food with the help of few onions left, that's when she recognized, Satisfaction with what we have is more important than getting what we want.

I stared at a wall for a minute,

Looking at Kyra peacefully sleeping, caressing her hair, I told,

Kyra, these stories don't make so much sense now, but Life lessons are everywhere, keep your heart open to listen, observe and love.

Life is about calmness, mindfulness, and intuitively being happy than following the crowd running in restlessness.

All our lives are glass half full. Stop looking at the half empty side!