Wishing her the sweetest birthday!

A few words about her!!

I have heard about angels, they do have supernatural powers and they do some magic to make us happy, they do solve all our problems.Yeah, I saw the angel within her.

A true friend who makes your happiness double and shares your pain. They make your pain to be reduced completely!!

Obviously, then she might be the true friend of mine, she didn't reduce my pain but she made me forget my problem completely, she did not make my happiness double instead she smiled by seeing my smile.

The friend who wants you to be smiling always so that she smiled unknowingly

A best friend will never love your boyfriend too much because she doesn't want to give her place to anyone!!

Ha, even this matches with my angel, she was always possessive about my boyfriend care, but when she might smile showing her 32 teeth when I hang out with him, she looks at my photos and wonder I was so beautiful and she felt satisfied that I would be happy when I lead my life with him.

A mother's love is the selfless love which is true and they do expect nothing right??
Wow, then I saw that selfless love from her. She gave me the shoulder to cry, she gave me the hug when I achieved something, she prayed for my achievements, she respected my crazy dreams and she is my mother too

A sister will be your craziest partner ever
Ha-ha, she told me what drinks I should try. she taught me how she will be sighting boy, she told all the naughtiest she did in her hostel and cry like my little sister as she has difficulties at her work!!

What else does a sister do??
Finally, she is sharing the qualities of a sister.

As a good wisher she supported me, she stood near me at all the situation, she helped me encouraging my dreams, and every quality she possesses to me.

What else I needed more than this in my life when I see all the qualities in a single person ❤ who else will search for love outside having such a wonderful girl and who will be interested to get married when she has the craziest friend and finally how can she describe about her when she is happy for the dream you started and she feels the achievements as though she did something in her life?? Yeah, when I started writing she felt she achieved something?? What else, nothing right!

Only one wish is remaining

A very happy Happppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bday to my sweetheart. I pray to God we should as crazy as we are and I should love her in return at least a few % as she is giving me 500% of her love to me. I ask God for her happiness, I ask God for all t her blessings to her.

Love you so much, my dear.

The one who is completely locked by your love
Take care buddy! Stay happy forever.