The world was too small for him. He barely fit in his house, his tentacles always got stuck at the doorway. How could the ten tentacles attached to a 13 feet body fit in the small room?

But he needed the job, he thought rubbing of his sweat running down his round bulbous head. The small eyes gazed nervously at the man in glasses in front of him. The man was in a smart black suit and arrogant polished shoes. Shoes show the personality. He had none. The tentacle creature did not need shoes. He was clumsy when he wore them and always fell down the stairs.

This was his second interview in the day and ninth in the week. He did not have the qualification for most well-paying jobs. His school experience had been bad. It was not something he thought of often.

‘Tentacles monster’ is what everyone at school called him. He did not fit in well and had no friends. Hence he refused to go most days and stayed at home. His mother fretted but did not understand she had only two hands. No one knew how it happened but he had tentacles. But no one paid much attention as if it was some convenient plot line. Thus he became a sad tentacled adult.

The room was moving he could not stay calm. He was scared, the guy in the front did not notice. He tried to hold himself straight. He was unusually strong, his skin was did not get burnt. He was an ironworker before, it suited him physically. But the job was too tiring and not to his liking at all. He could not save much either. He wanted an office job. His parents had left him to fend for himself. He was an adult, they were travelling. It did not bother him. He did see their pictures though- two pairs of hands making wild gestures at the camera. He did not mind at all.

This interview was also going poorly, he was not what they were looking for. He was promising and but not suitable for the job. The shiny shoes stared at him condescendingly. He was blanking out, the rooms were shaking. The door opened it was the secretary. She was sweet to him earlier but looked scared now. Maybe his eyes were red.

‘Stay back monster’ a shout in the air.

He should have thought of that before, there was a perfect job for him. This would take up all his time and talent. The building was collapsing.

‘A monster smashed the AK office centre.” The road was in disarray.

This suited him this was his super villain origination story, now all he needed was a hero to destroy him.