Food has a different meaning for everyone. It is just fuel for some; it’s an experience for others. But worst of all food is an item of luxury for many. I am not ashamed about my interest in the gourmet culture, but I am ashamed to realise how petty that is to someone who barely eats some days.

India ranks 103 out of 119, in the Global Index of Hunger; it is one of the 45 to have ‘serious level hunger’. This report was brought in 2018, at an inconsequential day, when many of us were probably deciding between Naan and Biryani. You may say, ‘Do we feel guilty for liking and eating food?’I truly cannot answer the question for you.

I do not waste food. I say this as a point of pride; I do not let food go to waste. I try to finish my meals. But is that all there is to work for the hunger?

Hunger is a painful thing that we, who eat thrice a day cannot comprehend. While we sit here debating veganism and its values, there are thousands of people with pangs in their stomach. There are mothers shushing children for she does not know how to buy the packet of milk. At the same time a family pours gallons of milk over the head of lord Shiva. Is it truly what our gods want? What about Muhammad, didn’t he say to serve god is to serve people.

It is rude to say the one who can bring effective change is us. It is duty of the government and the world leaders to bring forth a plan to combat hunger. We also cannot ignore the tie of hunger to poverty. Most of the developing poor countries have millions of mouths to fill. The social division that causes an imbalance between people of different economic strata is also to be noted.

Keeping all this in mind it is impossible to point one cause of the hunger problem except cruelty, negligence and indifference. This includes all of us; the people who look the other way, the incapable governments, the corrupt leaders and administrators. But we all forget every speck of dust has powers. We can and will make a difference if we want to. I earnestly in my heart believe ‘no one should go hungry.’ Food for me has a meaning, a message. A healthy appetite is sign of a healthier mind. Small growing children that have to think and plan for their next meal cannot develop their mind and talents at the time. It is impossible to have an efficient human capital in the country if people are growing hungry. So it is all of our responsibility to think, to think how to help. Every mouth we feed is a victory for us.