Involvement Of Students In Politics.

Deepti Nayak
Jun 28, 2019   •  13 views

much dust of argument has been raised around the question of whether or not the students should take part in politics. Basically, there are two groups of people one group havethe opinion that politics must, under no circumstances, be allowed to divert students from their studies, while others believe that it is necessary for students to take a very active part in politics so that they may receive some training for the struggle that awaits them.

What the situation demand is not to deprive students of studies instead it suggests to train them in the qualities such as patient study and intelligent observations through political research and active participation in politics, so that they may be accredited to express their interest in dignified and responsible ways. Civic education should be conveyed to them in their schools and colleges through debates, discussions .every effort should be made to benefit them physically, morally, intellectually for the service of their motherland. But so far as their active participation in political life is concerned, we must draw a line. Political knowledge is good but no political agitation

politics and patriotism has become today almost synonymous terms so that to deprive our students of their interest in politics would mean to rob them of those noble patriotic sentiments and generous impulse which belong to them as their birthright. No doubt, the students are quickly swept away by the sentimental aspect of politics and have little sense of responsibility, but for that, it would be foolish to crush their interest in politics which is both entirely natural and essential.

It is, therefore, indispensable that sound political education should be imparted to the students. Schools and colleges should provide them with full facilities for acquiring an accurate and intimate knowledge of all the leading political question of their country and forming sound views in regard to them .they should be at liberty to discuss and express their opinions on political matters, and a proper guidance which is at once wise and patriotic should be supplied to them at the hands of their parents, professors and politician.

the student of today is going to be backbone of country In the near future, the interest and prosperity of the country demands that they should not be allowed to remain half-educated and ill-equipped .a student whobegins to take an interest in practical politics too early might not be that much beneficial therefore one should make himself fit for the taskbefore they join the battle of politics. A soldier who is not drilled and disciplined proves a failure if not a menace.