TODAY atleast in india corruption is the password, often heard subjects of discussions and conversations on all kinds of forums and platforms. In simple words, crime is to get a job done in a wrong and unethical way. The first thing that we should analyze in that why do we do any work in the wrong way? The answer to this is quite simple and obvious. We do a job in the wrong way because firstly the right way to do it is very cumbersome, elaborate and time-consuming, and even then, the chance is that the job may still not be done.

People are so used to approach wrong methods to get the work done, that the person trying out the way to do it correctly will appear foolish. Moreover, people think doing a task in the right direction has no advantages attached to it. Due to these simple reasons, the right and honest method of doing work is buried, and corrupt practices have become the new way of life

A simple solution to this smashing problem as I see it is, giving rigorous punishment to them, and it is equally important to reward the good and the honest for choosing honesty over shortcuts.I am sure that more people would like to remain fair, and the corrupt would diminish.

This simple solution which I suggest because even today, when we stand on the threshold of seemingly total corruption, I feel there is still a bit of humanity left on many citizens and no one would like to be immoral or corrupt. We are most of us tending to do the wrong because either it pays dividends or because we can’t help it. If the working mechanism of different is it, govt or private becomes more efficient, then why will anyone like to pay even a paisa to get work done? This situation of corruption occurs when work just cannot be done in the right method that most people tend to become corrupt to get their job done.

So, together with the reward and punishment system, the working order should be made more efficient then, I presume there will be less and even negligible corruption, thus as we all know corruption is rampant everywhere and unless we deal with it with a practical course of action nothing is going to change.