Art 370 Of The Indian Constitution; Collaboration Of States Pivot On Abrogation Of The Article

Deepti Nayak
Jun 21, 2019   •  8 views

Article 370 of the Indian constitution is an article that gives self-governing status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The article is devised in Part XXI of the Constitution: Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions.

Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) from its emergence stayed in dispute and hence is in political agitation. After all these years, the common man of J&K have experienced much hardship from political, ideological and economic fronts in the middle of all this Article 370 of the Constitution of India has remained in force for nearly six decades. Even at this moment in 2019, the position has not changed for enhancement.

The upshot of Article 370

• As per this article, the Parliament, except for matters related to defense, foreign affairs, finance & communications requires the state government’s consensus for implementation of any legislation.

• The complete set of laws commanding citizenship, ownership of property, and most necessary fundamental rights are different in J&K as compared to rest of India.

•Indian natives from any other state cannot purchase land or property in J&K.

The Government of India cannot even declare Financial Emergency under Article360 in the state of J&K, and Emergency can only be maintained in the country during external aggression and war.

Paves the way to terrorism

The history of terrorism in the J&K specifies the social breakdown of J&K because of Pakistan's abhorrent actions and proxy war primarily by the intrusion of trained terrorists into the J&K, using Jihad to teach and convert the weak youth. According to the United Nations Drug Control Program (UNDCP), there are almost 70,000 substance abusers present in the J&K, out of which 31 percent are women.

The attack on a CRPF convoy in Jammu and Kashmir's which took place in Pulwama district that killed at least 40 jawans on Thursday (February 14) is the mammoth terror attack in the past five years. However, data issued by the BJP government on February 5, 2019, disclose that J&K has been contemplating regular terror attacks in the past five years. The Pakistan-based Islamist militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed professed the responsibility for the Pulwama attack (February 14, 2019). A Jaish-e-Mohammed armed group terrorist named Adil Ahmad Dar, a Kashmiri local was discerned as the attacker.


Now it's high time for the government to finally strike down the Article 370 and combine Jammu and Kashmir with the Nation so that a clear message of One Nation will be conveyed to our neighbor and complete elimination of the terrorist groups drubbing in the J&K can be caught. In difficult times like these incorporating the Nation is the need of the hour.

The state, upon removal, will flourish economically and socially. Kashmir could be one of the top tourist terminuses after complete development. It will also prove to be an excellent tactic to deal with Pakistan over territorial disputation

Thus, the Article 370 needs to be removed from the Constitution of India, is also essential to make the people of Jammu and Kashmir feel that they are no different other from citizens of the country, and to protect the minorities.



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