If you are one to never get tired of eating and finding new tastes in cool new hangout spots, Calicut will surely be a place to visit. It has many cafes and restaurants which offer the widest variety of delicacies.

The first place that comes to mind is the Paragon restaurant. It has been around for a long time and anything and everything here is recommended by someone or the other. This place is always busy and you'll probably have to wait for a while. But then it's totally worth it.

Rahmath hotel is the place to head over for lunch. Their Biryanis are the real deal. Eat a full plate and drink a sulaimani or lime tea and you are golden. They've started a bigger place under the same name with more seating and facilities. The food is just as amazing.

The area next to the Calicut beach is full of places to eat. Ikkayees offers a lot of traditional snacks and has a very Kozhikoden vibe to it. The prices are very reasonable and it is a must visit. The Kadalas cafe which offers a great view of the South Beach is a beautiful cafe with great ambience and tasty food. They offer different kinds of seating arrangements and also books to read. Adaminte Chayakkada is another restaurant nearby that has mouth watering delicacies of Kerala. They've a really good sitting and even though the food is a bit on the expensive side, this place is worth a try. The restaurant called Kadapuram Shanghai offers a beautiful fusion of Chinese and Kozhikoden food. It is a great place to experiment and satisfy your foodie cravings.

Then there is the Gudham Art Cafe on the Gujarati street. A gem of a place with amazing carefully designed dishes and a beautiful art gallery. It is housed in a converted old Gujarati style building and is a place where it's possible to spend a couple of quality hours. Nearby itself there is a chaat shop which is small but beautifully painted. Silk street is also nearby and has cafes like the Chinese Factory which is a garage dining themed restaurant and Falooda Nation for people with sweet tooth.

Continental food is served at it's best at the Sixth Avenue and the Downtown cafe. Two outlets of Downtown are there in Calicut and the food served is perfection and has ample quantity. The Avenue Special Waffle is a must try at the Sixth Avenue Cafe.

There's plenty to go on about food in Calicut. It is definitely a place to visit and eat and eat and eat to your heart's fill.