“We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.”

One of the lines of the movie which hit me so hard. The movie "The Truman Show" is about a man whose entire life is a reality show. Whole people around him even his parents, wife and best friend are actors. His entire life was broadcasted without his knowledge to the entire world. They scripted every incidents including the death of his father, his marriage, his divorce.

This movie realsed in 1998 is so relevant even in today's time. Perhaps the movie was a warning of this social media era. Years later after the release of the movie, we truly live in our own Truman world. We can see fake people in the truman show in our real life, especially in the social media life. The movie focus on a small concept but had a deep meaning.

We can easily sympathize with the character Truman. A simple and cheerful man who had no idea about the real world. Jim Carrey was outstanding in his role as Truman. Christof, the director of the whole show considered himself as the God in the Truman's World. He was even willing to kill Truman rather than letting him leave his fake world. Ed Harris was indeed great in his role.

The "Truman Show" landed three Oscar nominations for Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Original Screenplay. BAFTAs nominated "Truman Show" in four categories including Best picture. The movie is an entertainer but a thought provoking movie with an outstanding performance from the cast.