What Is The Right Age To Fall In Love?

I have been thinking about this from about an year or so, because being the part of 'The Indian Society' we get to hear some dialogues like "she is too young to fall in love with someone" or "is it their age to show their love for each other" and the most famous one used by the aunties "have you thought about your marriage yet? It's your age to get married now." I mean who decides this age? I haven't ever read that according to so and so rules a girl is supposed to fall in love between the age of 23-27 and a guy is supposed to fall in love within the age of 24-30 or so and that to with someone of their age group not too young or not too old.

Not only this, they also say that " Jodiyaan to uppar Wala banata hai" which means that "Marriages are made in heaven" then why do people get married on the basis of a particular caste, religion or race? When everyone has a liberty to express themselves according to the Constitution and everyone is equal before the low and the good also loves all his children equally then why such a pure emotion of love between two individuals gets judged or gets decided into certain categories?

 And for the ones who think that Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet was a love story, I would like to tell them that it wasn't and instead of that it comes under the category of a tragedy, where Juliet fakes her death and Romeo as a result to that drinks poison and dies and hence there isn't any element of love in it.

Love is not there when you can sacrifice your life for someone because it is a real simple task and that's what cowards do. To love means that you should be there for the one you love, no matter what the situation or time is and you should also know how to embrace their flaws.