Wrinkled faces and creased palms, broken teeth and high powered specs, cuddles and blessings, special 'kaadha' and the ever living strong gut, pampering and advises....there's an unending list of the things which can describe the benignant presence of Grandpa and Grandma in life.

Honestly, they can't be thanked enough because above everything, they've gifted us with life. They're the reason behind this salsa of beats in the heart. Today let's take a moment and thank them for everything they do.

Today's generation lives a haphazard life. They generally don't have time to sit back, pray and meditate. But grandparents are so much engrossed in praying and thanking God, that their life becomes an immaculate epitome for everyone. Why? Because we get a reality check about valuing life and all the pleasures it has.

We live in a developed and an advanced era where we prefer to steal some time from here and there. Our seniors aka grandparents are still fond of knitting, crochet, woodwork, painting on bedsheets, etc because it's their way of enjoying their leisure time and keeping their time alive. These arts keep us rooted to our cultures and traditions.

Same is the case with the solutions and remedies they use. They say that kaadha is good for cough and cold. It definitely tastes horrible but practically it saves money, time, and is even natural. Nothing's more beautiful and comfortable than nature's lap.

The way they abide by all the relations, so sincerely is just admirable. In their days there were no phones and the only way to communicate was through letters. I felt that it's so mundane. But with time and maturity I've realised that letters actually espouse the warmth of relations and help in keeping the emotions intact, which is at par from the Facebook and Instagram messages! They get bewildered by this technology. The PlayStation doesn't amuses them because for them the true leisure of childhood lies in playing games like Langdi, kho-kho, gilli-danda,etc. These games may not connect us with the virtual badges but some true friends and worthy memories.

The language in which they talk is so rustic and attractive. They say it's the regional language. I don't know why people don't talk anymore in it. I know it keeps us rooted to our cultures and traditions. Everytime they share any of their experiences and begin saying, " Hamare zamane me...", I'm in an awe. They teach us so much from their experiences, history and even mythology. It motivates me to gather more experience and knowledge everytime.

Their fantasizing stories are the best thing I can ask for before getting busy in counting z's! Those are so innocent and engrossing. Though they use the same characters everyday and make some changes in the plot, still it excites me so much.

Some of their habits might look absurd according to the present trend. Like they prefer eating by hands directly and not by a fork and spoon. Well, it's our Indian way of eating basically. We may feel that it's awkward but it is believed that one gets more satisfied that way and enjoys every bite. Seriously, their philosophies are so amazing and adventurous!

The most important thing which they'vegifted us, which creates an impact over our personality and our future are the values which they teach us every moment. Their patience is just commendable. They bring their children up and then even their grand children. They try to adjust according to generation and create a balance. They teach us to stand by the values, no matter what the situation is. That's something which will define us and not the worldly things.

It's said that grandparents and all the people of older generation get back to their childhood in their oldage. They become little cranky and weak. They don't like being that way, it's just that with time their body becomes feeble. They add glam to the placating aura of any home. So this Senior Citizens' day let's express our gratification for their innumerable efforts to make our lives beautiful!

Let's thank them for being the soothing shade over us which protects us everytime and prepares us to face the sun! No matter what mistakes we do, their blessings never falls short and it's our duty to make their upbringing worth it.