Have you ever been in this state of extreme agony in your heart when every single thing around you just seems somber and mundane? When you don’t know the exact reason of this heaviness which is making it even more tougher every second to breathe. When you wish to cry but there are no tears crossing by your eye lashes. This is because the exquisite and picturesque farmland of your heart has turned into a barren desert, where getting a hold on your own self again is just a mirage?!

The most toughest moment in life isn’t when you loose or when you are struggling alone on the crossroads starving for love, concern and direction, rather its when you are probably walking on the road of your choice or may be the road which you had to choose because of the delicacy of the past situations and you are no more enthralled with it!

You are no more jiggered with the bird’s chirping or the squirrel’s hovering about on the trees while walking on that road. You no more find peace in the melody of the air which tries to seduce you.

Its when you’re trying hard to smile but you feel that the lip curve is no more pleasing. You just lie on your bed, trying to have some rest and to escape from the world for a while but you do everything instead of sleeping! Trying to decrypt the reason behind this heaviness you end up getting lost in the rotation of the fan blades.

Sleep is something which gives a tranquiled state of mind, to weave all the fantasies in your dreamland. It’s a temporary pause to the race. But many times we don’t get that peace. We sleep just to avoid that situation for sometime and not to fetch some serenity. You might notice that on many days you wake up feeling helpless with the same thought which you had had before counting the z’s and on the others you wake up satisfied and spirited. Ready for a fresh start!

What is it which holds back someone to be happy and not being able to sketch one’s state verbally?

Lack of introspection!

People do everything but just forget to understand themselves, their interests, dislikes, personality and fear. And sadly when they encounter such things in life it just takes away one’s slumber. Leaving the person to struggle alone at night.

It’s really remorseful to know that you actually don’t know about yourself and are living with such an unknown person 24×7!

So, its time to be friends with this unknown fellow and believe me you’ll end up falling in love.

The night seems dark and venomous but believe me nothing is more friendly than that enlarged black bedsheet embellished with silver pearls which beckons you to cuddle under and sleep!

So hey! Please sleep. *Peacefully*