Traveling is fun but packing is not. The only problem one faces is what to pack. It should be stylish but at the same time, it should be comfortable also. Travel and style go hand in hand. While packing, one is confused about what to pack, this or that. You should always pack what is necessary and is light to carry. You don’t want your luggage to be overburdened and you cannot carry it. Pack only those which you will wear and nothing more than that.

Follow these 5 simple travel fashion tips to have a comfortable vacation.

Dress accordingly

When you start packing your suitcases before that do research on the place you are going. If you are going for a hike or camping and you wear a one piece that would not work. So keep and dress according to your plan. Where are you going, if going to a cold place, pack woolens, if going to a city, dress like every other city person. When you are traveling, you need to blend in with the locals. Dress culture appropriately. If you need to cover your head with a scarf or avoid western dresses than make sure you know about these culture rules before you pack your suitcases.

Best footwear
Footwear takes the most space on your luggage, so it is advisable to take such footwear that will match with all your outfits of the trip. Shoes are the best option to walk in the day time when you are exploring the city or if you are going for a hike, then sports shoes are compulsory. In the evening, when you are in a much-relaxed mood and are dressed for your own self may be in a dress, pair it with wedges or low heels. This is very important that you pack a pair of bathroom slippers in your luggage which you can use in your hotel room.

Keep it simple

When you are traveling, always pack light and less but efficiently. You are going on a trip, so pack some jeans, tees, a classic white shirt, your beach shorts, a bathing suit (if there is a beach to visit). Apart from all these, it is good if you want to pack something classier and sexy may be a one-piece which you can wear in the evening while going for dinner at some high-end restaurant. Keep it simple and basic.

Correct fabric material
If you are going somewhere in the summers, make sure you choose the right fabric according to the season. If you choose nylon clothing in summers, then get ready to bathe yourself in your sweat. In summers, go with cotton, linen or chiffon. In winters, something that keeps you warm. Also, the choice of fabric depends on the place you are going, so do research on how will be the climate when you are going.

Correct handbag

You need to choose a correct handbag or backpack which you will carry during the day with yourself while you travel. The bag should have enough space which can carry your things like your iPad, laptop, water bottle, and many other essential things.