Love What You Do Or Do What You Love.

Bisman Chugh
May 28, 2019   •  27 views
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” - Steve Jobs

What you love to do is your passion. This is a concept everyone is familiar with but ironically they

are clueless when they are asked about their passion. This is a big dilemma in today's world,
Everyone wants to be successful but only a few know how, Everyone wants a luxurious lifestyle but
only a few get it, and a many know what they love but a few do what they love. We are stuck in a
world of competition and to achieve something you need to be unique, but unfortunately instead of
being unique most of the people follow the crowd.

People prefer to do what is ideal according to the

society and not what is best for them. They are afraid of the odds they face if they follow their
passion but the same people totally ignore the odds when they do what everyone does. This is a
shear wastage of the potential and not only this, doing the same job which you dont love makes you
unhappy, stressed, bored. Being stick to the desks to get the pay cheques, Well I think this is quite a

boring way to live life.

The people who follow their passion are generally branded as crazy, but trust me when the same
people get successful, the ones calling them crazy give them the tag of genius and successful. Its all

your choice - Either to listen to the world or to make the world listen to you. Following your passion

is something best you can do to yourself and for your happiness. Without doing that you are just an
individual in a crowd growing into puppets for the sake of earning. With passion what also is
important is persistence. If you believe in your passion just keep doing it and just dont stop, you’ll

see a lot of doors in your way and you never know success is behind which one, so keep knocking
and keep wondering.

If you want to do big things, do the small ones first, they are like the stepping

stones to the big things and if you dont know your passion, keep exploring, sometimes it is just
hidden in the things which you consider to be small, but remember it is you who decide how to
make it big. Your success, your failure, your happiness and your regrets are all in one hand and that

is yours. Be wise to step in which direction.