Depression Is A Mental Health Disorder Which Is Not A Taboo Anymore…

Bisman Chugh
Apr 04, 2019   •  39 views

Depression is a mental health disorder which is not a taboo anymore. Infact it is something to be open about. It is a state where a person looses interest in daily activities, feels down , depressed mood and sleeps more than normal. Depression is unseen and so should not be ignored by people around or the person who is suffering from it. It is alright to be in depression so there is nothing to hide. It is as acceptable as any physical disorder. Also it depends on the person who is going through it, someone with a problem might be depressed and other with same kind of problem might not suffer with depression at all. All of it depends on the mindset and view of the person. According to some surveys women are more prone to depression than man because of some unclear reasons. The causes of depression are complex combination of biological , psychological and genetic factors.


People dont see depression coming but gets aware when they start feeling these symptoms.

  1. Reduced interest in daily activities, sexual desires etc

  2. Less energy and fatigue

  3. Suicidal thoughts

  4. Bad mood and anger

  5. Low apetite

  6. Excessive sleep or insomnia


  1. Talk to someone close or reachable

  2. Consult a doctor or a psychiatrist

  3. Antidepressants

  4. Educating there family how to be normal about their health

  5. Meditating is one great healer

  6. Getting strength and confidence in self makes things easier.

Types of mental illness:

Major depression: this is a type of depression when people feel depressed most of the days if a week and often feels tired, guilty, suicidal and insomnia.

Persistent depressive disorder: this type of disorder is diagnosed if the person is depressed for about two years or more.

Bipolar disorder(manic depression): this disorder is mainly about mood swings that too from one high level to low level. One second the person feels enthusiastic and then lowers down.

Psychotic depression: a level of depression wherein brain starts hallucinating(seeing things that arent there), false beleiving and lastly imagining people hurting them who in reality are not.

Depression can only be cured by coming out openly with your problem. Stop hiding Start sharing.

Why are people so scared of coming out with their mental diseases? Ever thought of it? The only reason is society and their stupid thinking. No matter how much out country gets developed, some people will always judge and try to pull others down. The only hope is a day where there are no judgements and no bars.