Who are the ones who are always happy and excited about non exciting things? Who are the people
who boasts every now and then about who they are and how many cars they own? Who are the
ones who can even dance on no music and complete silence? Yess, I guess you all know the answer
Punjabis reading this are already on cloud 9 rightnow I suppose. So, what is it that differs people so

much? When a child cries of falling down, a mother comes and caress her child whereas a punjabi
mother would surely come shouting and unbelievably slap her child for playing that way. Funny
right. Its not that she doesn’t care for her child but she has a different of showing her love.

Pubjabi fathers are such like non interested fathers but when it comes to their interest they put their

children’s life upside down and take full interest in what they usually hide. Its not that they don’t

love their children but again they have a different way of showing it. Being extra intruding;).
They don’t even realise when and where did they last abused, and to whom, moreover, for what
special reason. Amusing. But to tell all of you, they are the best supporters. Not that others arent,

but parents who can slap their child for crying loud can do anything to stop him from crying. All the

examples I saw since my childhood, all my society full of punjabis and sikhs, they are the ones who
never let their children do something that hurts someone. They don’t tie their children by scolding
them on petty issues but they make sure that their children learn the effects of every small step they

take in their future. Not only punjabis but every other parent belonging to no particular religion have

this aura to not let their children go in bad company that might destroy their teachings and
Saying that, many of us are of the view that punjabis don’t do upbringing, they do “beda garg”.
Showoff coequals punjabis,
Being loud means punjabis,
Over enthusiastic are punjabis,
Always high without alcohol,
Common guess?
Helping everyone around,
Having a great heart,
Where money isnt a bar when it comes to happiness,
Where there your friend’s parents are your parents,
Where taking out time for your yaar makes up the best excuses in the world,
Where endless aloo paranthas wont make them fat but a little sweet wont go in their stomach in a

Everyone would connect to this if they know someone who are this way.