Elizabeth Barrett Browning once qouted

I love thee with the breath, Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death.

Love is not only about physical intimacy but also about an emotional attachment. When the humans of 21st century cannot fathom what love actually means. It's the purest of all. Great poets and author described love love in different languages in all the possible beautiful ways. People fall in love and some fall out in love, uncertain transition yet so beautiful. It's time we should take a pause and look what our grandparents did was surely love. Let's put aside these online dating apps and adore their way of love.

It was perhaps last week when my grandmother call me and asked me to sit beside her. She showed me a picture of a wedding. When I took that picture in my hand the only thing I could see is a beautiful young girl dressed in red saree sitting near a young man which was my grandpa. I could see the tears in my grandma eyes as she was telling me the story. Her eyes were never that beautiful, it was shining and I could almost see the faded smile and I sighed.

I have seen my grandparents holding hands and promising each other. I have seen my grandfather kissing my grandma on her forehead and telling good night. I have seen them looking into each other's eyes when things were not going right and holding each other till the end and I have seen them smiling and remembering all those good old memories when love was at it's infancy. Oh love. It's been almost 21 years since my grandfather has passed away I could see the glow in her face fading away. Each day she looks at his photo with those heavy eyes that are beyond any description and when it's raining outside she will listen to those old songs which remind her of those flirty days.

Each day I could see the tears coming down from her eyes when she mentions him. She calls me and tells me what things my grandfather used to do and starts laughing so innocently. She often mentions about about those old hilarious pranks they did my grandfather would often bring the stamps which she would keep in her diary. Love bloomed over chai and biscuit. She would often stare at the wedding ring in your finger and kiss it and cry. I see her like this and feel so helpless. It's been so many years and and she still wears it. Whenever I ask her about it she says it's the only thing of his which I have. Sometime she would hold my hand and tell me we cherish what is yours cause there's a fault in our Stars

I see today's kids have misused the word 'LOVE' . Love is an overwhelming feeling it's not about having butterflies in the stomach physical love but it's about loving someone so dear that you want to you cling onto that moment and hold it so tightly with all your heart and soul, being in love means being yourself

Living with the lady and watching her I got to know what actually love means and what heartbreak actually is. Breakup are not heartbreaks she made me understand the difference between the two. Living with the Lost love and fighting in pain and cherishing those memories actually what I have learnt.