England is the new world champion - winning the CWC19 at home. But are they "true" champion?

If a cricket fan was told to predict the winner before the match went on, he might have rooted for England, But if we look at the reaction of people after the match, the story is something else. Fans, experts, commentators, current and ex-players all were shocked and in disbelief that how the new-Zealand side lost because of an unjust rule.

The game was in favour of England when they came to bat asNew-Zealand posted a minimal target of 241 in their 50 over quota against a team who is known for their attacking cricket, but once again Kane Williamson's captaincy came into play, and England was 86 for 4 in 23rd over and 241 looked an ideal target and the momentum shifted towards New-Zealand. The 2 giants of England cricket- Jos Butler and Ben Stokes again shifted the momentum towards their team but then Lockie Furguson got Jos Buttler out. The game went on and15 were required off last over, but something happened on the fourth ball that shocked everyone- the ball was clubbed to deep mid-wicket by Stokes and they went for the second run when Stokes dived and during his dive, the throw hits the bat and went to the boundary as a four! England was awarded 6 runs! Ultimately the match was tied and Super Over was on its way. England Batted first and accumulated 15 runs and New-Zealand scored needed 16 to win.

New-Zealand scored 15 runs and the super over was tied, and then something happened which was a rule but not in the liking of many greats. England won the match on Boundary count and the whole world felt for New-Zealand's efforts and the cruel rule.

Players like Mohd. Kaif, Rohit Sharma, Gautam Gambhir, Brett Lee and others showed their emotions towards this cruel rule of the game.

So the questions remain the same- is England the true world champions? some would say no due to their emotions but the truth is England won the cup with luck and their performance, rules can be cruel but rules are rules and England won a rule-wise fair match.

Congratulations to both England and New-Zealand for their world cup campaign.