Tenderness Turning Into Terror

Jun 25, 2021   •  739 views

The fear of separation not only covered two hearts with grief but their souls too. Sitting together seperately over the two corners of the room, they are only waiting for the moment which can hold both of them together and ends this impetus of rupture.

The souls which once had promised each other to stay by each other sides are now, detecting a reason to let go which all happened to them without any guide.


This situation only reminds me of:-

Ajeeb Dastan hai yeh

Kaha suru kaha khatam,

Yeh manzilein hai konsi,

Na woh samaj sake na hum…..

Those promises are now settling their way to demise. And grief can be perceive from their cries. Yes! they will miss the essence of each other’s hold by mumbling “old is gold” in a great roar. From the morning kiss to goodnight bliss; all the happiness are now going to transform into priceless misery.


Love is something which can speaks the unspeakable; which can change the emptiness into holiness and seperation in love can convert the hope of living into darkness.

Those fingers on head which once were parting each hair at night, are now shivering with the fear of dreadful cold which has become uncontrollable.

At that time, it was a surprise how their business meetings turned into warmth gatherings. And now that fondness have brought them into the lane of dejection. Those secret giggling after seeing each other messages, now soaking corners of cushion with tears.

Tears from the eyes,

Are turning promises into denies.

That unbreakable bond,

Are now hesitating to respond.

Both are looking into each other eyes and the time is expecting a word of love from both the sides. Commitments are walking back to their way with the hope of returning into home again.



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and it always will
Profile of Raj Khare
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love is trash