This is I guess the most written about topic on any blog. But hey, one more! Mine would be different I am sure.

Love is the connecting variable, of minds, hearts, of mind and heart. It is certain form of cognitive energy that guides us or attracts us or repels us. It is above us or under us, around us, mostly over and above us. It is the guiding energy or guiding force that I call love.

I have been in love a lot many times. Poor heart of mine, has been disturbed, touched, amused, tricked and hurt a number of times. Age (just that I am not 14!, not old as yet please) is also a factor I guess. I can safely say that, it has been handled any one as yet. It lies too deep inside that ways.

Falling in love is very easy. I fall in love with minutest of things and all people around. I fall in love with beauty. And beauty is everywhere. I fall in love with what it feels like is truth. And all lies are layers over the crust of truth. Occasionally I fall in love with what I like. That’s most hurting. This is because heart is put to action for no fault of it.

My experience and advice of love. Fall in love; it is a very beautiful feeling. In fact the most beautiful feeling. But be careful; don’t misuse the blessing called love. Don’t ever take love for granted. Else it will decay you. It will abandon you. Treat love as if it is the only blessing you require. Respect your love, understand your love, feel your love. This love could be for anything and anyone. Your spouse, pet, mother, father, sibling, piano, anything. The place of love in life is like that of an epithelial tissue. It is the covering layer of your life. It protects your life. From negativities, from disturbances, from enemies, bad energies. Hence love is to be loved, to be respected, to be cherished.

I love being in love. It is smile of life, the energy of life. The overall navigator of life. We all get attracted to love. To loving and being loved. Don’t resist yourself too much from love. Don’t push yourself towards love. Just be in love, float in love, rise in love and keep Loving!