Live-In Relationship - Beyond Ethics Or Not

Ayusmita Parida
Jul 21, 2019   •  10 views
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

Living relationship custom is new to India. It has been a regular activity of Western countries and the young generation of eastern countries too are adopting this culture.

Live in relationship refers to the staying up of two partners as couple under one roof before marriage.This concept of live in relationship has become a debatable topic over a period. We can set up an example like testing something before purchasing the very product or making it part of life ; just like taking a car for a test drive before buying it.

Similarly couples check compatibility with each other before marriage because they are afraid of divorcing after marriage.

That's also very true, if you will know your partner well before marriage there will be less chances of difference of opinions, but the society of India is not ready to accept this concept. Because in our nation, culture and marriage go hand in hand. Marriage is a very pure bond and a big function in every family. They are not ready to compromise their thoughts about marriage and allowing live-in relationships.

Younger generation are having more broad ideologies and dont want to come in the list of divorces. If they find out incompatibility after marriage they will not have any other choice than compromising their lifestyles of each other. Some couples even think that their love does not need any official consent or certificate and wedding is just waste of money.

The traditional communities are in thought of that live in relationship is against their ethics and culture . This concept is not a problem, it's just a personal thought and belief.

And yes, if some couple are going for this relationship they also think of living in more healthier way, splitting their home rents as well as at every activitie they divide their work and do them together. They are able to see and observe each other and at most of the cases, their love increases and then , for their families, they get into the official bonding of marriage.

Laws have also been ammended that, any child birth during live in relationship will not be considered as illegitimate.But this is not going to influence badly to the people.

May be some people would have some other opinion about live-in. No one should enforce the other to get in their own ideology.

But isn't it Lord Krishna too had been living together with his love Radha which has been described in our holy books?

Making decisions about livein and marriage is a very personal choice. So, it would be good if we support these young people in their choices rather creating conflicts.



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Awsm one again, I must say, and as said live in relationship i s to know each other more closely so that they can make a perfect married life in future but again at the same time according to our ethics, this system is bad and shouldn't be adopted, but the past generation should understand that live in relationship is not what they think of. They shouldn't think what the society will say, they should be strong on their point of view. That's all Ayu, awsm one again, keep it up