Intercaste Marriages - Why Can't Be Acceptable?

Ayusmita Parida
Jul 21, 2019   •  36 views
love being United by God but it couldn't be possible because of the third eye called SOCIETY. - the intercaste heart

India is a nation where people of different culture religion and caste leave all together.

They maintain a Brotherhood relationship with every other person despite of their all these societal differences. But when it comes to the topic of marriage most of the people start to search groom or bride within the caste, religion and culture.

Let the groom be an entrepreneur or a higher post official, if he is not of same caste, family does not allow him to be their son -in law.

After such great modernization and advancement in India, Intercaste marriages are still taboo in many families. Intercaste marriages bring about massive killings fights among different families.

Caste has not been created by God, it has only been created by humans and they are just showing off their wealth and proffession.

This takes a big turnover when it comes to love, relationship in other caste. People dont go for arranged inter caste marriage but any case it is possible at most of the time it is found to be love cum Intercaste marriage.

But do you know how this inter-caste marriages be beneficial for you!!

When a person marry someone other than his caste or religion, it is a step for people to adopt and accept all kinds of castes and cultures. In intercaste relationship, you will have broader perspective and good ideologies. When you make bond with your families.Intercaste marriage also lead to better parenting and smarter kids because parents are broad minded and they teach their children every possible manner to respect different culture and also give great ideologies making them broad minded and smart enough aa couples gets the form of being more liberal and having modern outlook.

Within caste marriage is not bad but there is no need to think intercaste marriage to be sin.

Why can't then society accept this beautiful bond of couples, if they want to have an intercaste marriage?

If a couple love each other irrespective of their caste and feel that they can spend their life together in a better way, rather than forcing them to get separated, society shouldaccept their relationship and support them. If you are destroying your own relationship with your children because of this intercaste relationship, then its too ILLOGICAL.



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As said, CASTE is created by humans and no doubt they follow, okay great and but at the same time you need to understand that youive in a generation which is broad minded and you people have to be broad minded, there's no problem in within caste marriage but then you shouldn't have the problem for inter caste marriage, rather you should happy that your next to next generation will be so broad minded and will be well brought up. Again awsm one, keep it up