A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever

Ayush Naithani
Mar 19, 2019   •  63 views

This famous line is the opening line of the famous work of John Keats, an English poet. The poet himself was a lover of beauty all through his short life. This line embodies a very natural truth about life. Anything beautiful always remains a source of everlasting joy and happiness whether it is a beautiful sunset, a lovely flower,a snow-peaked mountain, breathtaking scenery or monument, a great painting, a poem or dance. Whatever it may be, anything with a light touch of beauty thrills the heart with unspeakable joy to the core.

The beauty of thought, feeling and expression are more transcendental, inexplicable and of purer quality. Such beauty is found in great work of arts and others like these. The paintings of Raphael or Vinci, the music of Beethoven, the poetry of homer or ago, the works of Shakespeare and Kalidas or the sculptures by Leonardo da Vinci or that of Ajanta and Ellora is the sole reason behind the perpetual and permanent appeal. It is the beauty and appeal of such work that enriches our culture and makes it enduring through ages.

It is this beauty around us and within us that keeps us going on in life. It is this beauty that charms is, hypnotizes us and makes us fall in love with life.

Even when life seems dull and full of tears and sorrows only, a look at the sun-rising with birds chirping and hopping all over can lift our stinking spirits. Even when the night seems too dark, a glance at the crescent of the full moon making its way through the starry sky will make us hopeful for another dawn.

The beauty of the little things that capture our senses gives us great joy. A gift from a loved one, no matter how small or insignificant it may be –is full of beauty for that person. A child’s first spoken words or his first steps are uncomparable beauty for mother or the father. A beginner’s first painting –no matter how faulty-is full of beauty for the beginner as well as his teacher.

The beauty here lies in the feelings hidden behind a task completed and not the task itself. The sincere efforts made in order to accomplish and achieve something comprise of the beauty which of course becomes a joy forever. In fact, a few years later in his life Keats equaled beauty with truth and had come to the conclusion-“Beauty is Truth, Truth is Beauty, That is all we know on Earth, and all we need to know”. The beauty of everything – thought, feeling, action, deeds, words etc is the real truth behind it. It is this truth that every man thirsts for in his life and wants to achieve.

For instance spiritual beauty is something nobler and higher than physical beauty. It is related to the beauty of the spirit and the soul.

Spiritual beauty touches or soul. The pleasure and joy, we derive from it is sublime. Spiritual beauty is accompanied by truth and goodness- Satyam Shivam Sundaram as expressed by sage.

So in our life we can choose how we think. We can choose how we see things.
Remind ourselves to always think positively and we will soon realise how insignificant the negatives will be.

To rejuvenate the moment of joy forever

“ Just try to harmonize your mind body and soul by focusing on your breath and it will give you peace”

If we want to see the beauty hidden behind everything in our lives and around us, we will gradually reach the highest realms of truth. There is beauty not only in the rose but also in the thorny bush that breeds it. We only have to look deeper and feel with pure heat, than only can we feel the beauty around and let it be a perpetual joy forever.