Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and their associated territories are commonly called Nordic Countries. They literally mean 'north' as in the north of Europe. Scandinavian countries are a part of Nordic countries.


•Capital- Copenhagen

•Currency- Krone

•Population- 57.5 lakhs

•Constitutional monarchy- Queen Margrethe

•Oldest state flag, still in use

•Famed for liberalism

•Denmark controls Greenland

•LEGO is from Denmark

•The least corrupt country in the world


•Land of thousand lakes- 187,888 lakes

•Capital- Helsinki

•Currency- Euro

•Population- 55 lakhs

•Happiest country of the world

•Free education even at the university level

•First county in Europe to give women the right to vote


•Land of fire and ice

•Capital- Reykjavik- 60% population live here

•Currency- Krona

•Population- 3.38 lakhs

•Warmer than Greenland

•85% of Iceland’s energy comes from renewable sources

•Last places on Earth to be settled by humans

•Does not have Army, Navy or Air Force

•No guns to police, low crime rate

•Icelandic language unchanged from Norse


•Land of the midnight sun

•Capital- Oslo

•Currency- Norwegian Krone

•Population- 52.6 lakhs

•Constitutional Monarch- King Harald V

•Home to Fjords

•Nobel Prize awarded in Oslo, since 1901

•Skiing was invented in Norway

•98% of Norway's Domestic power by hydroelectricity


•Capital- Stockholm

•Currency- Swedish Krona

•Population- 100 lakhs

•Constitutional Monarch- King Carl XVI Gustaf

•The largest population of all Nordic countries

•Swedish music- Avicii, ABBA, Zara Larson

•Even Pewdiepie is from Sweden

•99% of total waste recycled


•Capital – Nuuk

•Currency- Danish Krone

•Population- 55k

•World’s largest Island

•80% of total area permanently covered with ice

•No roads or railway system

•Owned by Denmark, but self-governed

•Main decision, foreign exchange policies controlled by Denmark