" Dance " is my favourite genre.

I am not talking about " shadi wala " or "band baja wala" dance. Today, I am going to share something very spicy. I am going to tell that how you can complete your fitness training through dancing.

Who doesn't love to dance? It makes us happy. Not only that , we really feel refreshed after doing it. Dance can swing our mood within a fraction of second .we feel very happy after doing it.

But do you know that dance is a great workout too? Workout is a hectic thing in our hectic life. We want to do it but we don't get time . Sometimes we don't want to do that as well because most of us is very lazy.

But , regular exercise is very important. In this comical, digital , polluted enviourment it is very hard to survive without being fit. So, If we want to be live a healthy life then we have to exercise regularly. So , today I am going to share some amazing dancing ideas that can help you to achieve your target by making you happy as well.

1st of all choose some amazing , energetic , refreshing dancing songs.

Choose some relevant places where you can dance freely .

Choose appropriate clothes for dancing. Don't use tight clothes for dancing.

If possible, try to dance with your near and dear ones as well. It will enhance your health and mood very quickly.

You don't need to follow any proper dance form . Just do whatever makes you happy .


Taki Taki rumba

This type of unexpected lyrics we get for zumba dance. But don't worry. You don't need to do that.

All you just need to do is just shake your body with with some amazing music. Zumba is a very relaxing kind of a dance form. But you have to be very energetic as well.

Hip-Hop dance

This type of dance style is very common nowadays. This is a street style dance form. It is a very popular form of dance.


This dance form is basically originated from other part of the countries. Leg movement is verymuch important in this dance form. This dance form helps to tighten the legs .

Jazz Dance

Jazz dance is basically a part of contemporay dance style. In this form one needs to express his / her expression through dancing.

Fress style dance

Last but not the least free style dancing is love. One can do anything he/she wants. One needs to be very active . It will make you happy as well.

There are so many dance forms such as bllet, tango , Ballroom dance, tap dance etc. Dancing is love. We can dance at any time we want. This is the best way to exercise . It is like a two in one pack.

Workout+masti = Dance.

Due to our busy hectic life it is not always possible to workout regularly. But we can dance anytime. We can spare atleast 10 minutes for dancing everyday. It helps us to stay fit and active. Not only that, it will change our mood like anything. It will captivate us.

so live your life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of your life.