Water Crisis Competent To Be The Next Global Carnage

Avik Sarkar
Jun 27, 2019   •  31 views

The scarcity of domestic water has created a crippling impact on the daily lives of people living in Chennai. More so, IT companies have granted work from home facilities for their employees, restaurants, and malls have shut down. A pregnant lady in grueling labor pain needed to wait for her delivery as there was no water in the hospital, is one of the pathetic news headlines that grabbed several eyeballs in recent times.Doesn't this news arouse concern in you for the future? Don't they leave you threatened of how deplorable living would be in the coming days? Or, are you one of them who lives in the bubble, completely oblivious about the surrounding? Does staying distant from Chennai pacify you, assure you that you won't fall prey to this adversity? If so, you definitely need a reality check.

The paucity of water is nothing new in India, every summer there is a sudden uproar due to the unavailability of water. But the extremity is alarming, and its reverberation is louder this time. If statistics declared holds true, approximately 600million people are suffering this calamity. About 41% deficit in the rain till 13th June, drastic depletion in the underground water level and drying of four major water reservoirs are the prime reasons as per reports. Who do you think is responsible for the misery? The government? Absolutely not. Each imprudent individual living or dead with their irresponsible behavior has created this pitiful scenario. Man has been recklessly using and unnecessarily wasting water since time immemorial. The depletion of the green-belts to quench the selfish needs of humans created a complete imbalance in the eco-system, which lead to global warming. Thus, this had a huge negative impact on the climatic conditions.

The predictions suggest that by next year 21 cities, including the nation's capital, New Delhi, and the nation's technological capital, Bengaluru will be facing the major crisis. The groundwater supplies 63% of the water for irrigation. Hence, the agricultural sector of India has been severely affected. Another shocking fact that will leave you mind-boggled is water is even costlier than one gram of gold for the people in Chennai. Imagine the natural resource that everybody could have enjoyed has now become a luxury, and it would not be an exaggeration to say the poor might die as they cannot afford to buy clean drinking water. Indeed, a pity! People in Chennai are now relying on costly water tankers for survival. The fatal calamity will steadily pounce on neighboring places as well.

Moreover, the water crisis issue has trespassed all geographical and man-made demarcations to become a problem worldwide. It has already been in the news that by 2025 about two-thirds of the world's population will face water shortages. The entire aquatic system is also going to suffer. Numerous aquatic animals will get endangered and extinct as well. People all over the globe need to contribute to overcoming this pathetic state. Scientists need to come up with cheaper alternatives and solutions to increase the span of sustenance and survival. The lack of wise water crisis management is a serious threat to mankind. The damage already done is irreversible, and we are bound to face the massive ramifications. But, becoming aware and conscious now will provide a less bitter future.

Don't flush our planet's most precious resource. Conserve water and conserve life. Spread the message to one and all.