Can you think of music more pleasant and soothing than a recess bell for a kid? The only period that all the students look forward to is the recess period.The whole school is thrilled and greets it with shouts of joy. The sound of the recess bell gives sheer happiness to all. Students rush out of their classrooms and dart away in different directions. It seems as if prisoners have been set free.

Some lack patience and immediately opens the lid of their lunchbox to grab a bite. Each student has their close-knit friend circle with whom they share their lunch and engage in gossip or games. There are few sport-enthusiasts who dislike wasting time eating. No sooner they hear the bell ring they rush to the playgrounds and get busy with games of their choice. The playground has several funny scenes to watch, as well. It remains the witness of numerous fights and reconciliation between friends.

The school canteen is undoubtedly the busiest place in the entire campus. Everyone shouts and yells over the head of the other to get their snacks or beverages first. It creates a lot of commotion quite similar to a morning fish market. The discipline and etiquette go for a toss during lunch-breaks. Wrappers and disposable spoons are strewn all over the canteen. Students take it from the seller and put it straight into the mouth to avoid sharing. Each vendor has a hay day.

While the majority is busy enjoying their time, the school captains and prefects roam around the entire campus to ensure cleanliness. The teachers go on their lunch duty rounds as well. Few bookworms, spend the entire time in the library reading storybooks. The studious bunch do not loiter around during breaks and engage in studying or completes the homework assigned.

When the second bell rings to announce the end of the recess period, each cheerful face falls. They begin to proceed to their classrooms with a heavy heart. The gloom writ large on their faces is clearly evident. The classes resume each praying for the last bell of the day to arrive soon. It seems the heavy, rusty-iron gates of the prison is locked once again.

If it has been years that you have walked out of your school gates, this will definitely make those old memories fresh. Nostalgia would creep in spontaneously. While if you are still a student, enjoy each moment as these days will never come back. Perhaps you will realize the worth once you are too old to attend school.