We choose or get forced to do a thing and then often keep doing it.

We've all heard how if a bird gets caged whole its life, it won't know that it could fly, right?.

Similar is the case with us, if we think we are doomed to do what we have been doing so far, we won't know what is best for us.

While some of you might be agreeing with me thinking that you are not happy with what you do, I would say, search what makes you happy.

Some, on the other hand, might disagree saying they love what they do. I'd say, are you one hundred percent sure, there cannot be a single thing that could make you even happier?.

Do you know when we fail? When we stop exploring when we limit ourselves and do not try new things.

Imagine having the same dish for 25 years, Monday to Sunday. Even if it is your favorite dish, won't you be bored by having it for such a long period, so much so that you will gonna start hating it and when you realize that, it might be too late because all you have tasted is that one dish and do not know the taste of others. So there might be 2 case scenarios, one, you may keep eating that stuff and be unhappy, or second, explore other options and take the risks and can give yourself a chance to be happier.

I'm pretty sure you would have understood what I am trying to say. Life has a lot to offer, even more than we think we deserve.

Had this case wasn't real for a fact, I do not know how many inventions would have been possible as they are now.

There is one thing having faith in what you do and there is other, having faith in yourself.

Having faith in what you do would make you confident about what you do and would keep you contended even if life has more to offer.

Having faith in yourself will give you a constant push to bring the best out in you and rather being contented with what you have, always thriving for more.

Honestly, when you achieve something which you might have thought you couldn't but instead you worked and achieved it, the rush you feel, it will make your heart sing, it would keep you alive, and by that, I mean Alive from within.