We study to get into a good college in order to get a good job. But in the middle of all this, I want to ask you all one simple question, "How many of you love what you are doing?". "How many of you are following your passion?".

Today, meeting our needs is much more important than feeding the heart.
Even if our heart goes in another direction, we follow what our brain says, because we let it decide what is best for us.

Okay, maybe it's the need of the hour for you to do this certain job, but what about the small moments you can snatch happiness from?

How about, finding time for the things you love to do?
Some of you might like singing or cooking or something else, take out time for these things,every day. Even if your job isn't of your passion but you can always spare time for them .

We live the whole of our lives for others. As parents we sacrifice so much for our children, as children we sacrifice so much for studies. I am not saying doing for others is wrong but to love yourself is equally important.

Where do you see yourself right now? Happy? Contended? If not? Then just think what you wish for? What are the things you wished could be there in your life? Take time for those things.

Life is too short to be wasted and not doing what you wish for.

Loving yourself is the most important. How would you keep others happy if you aren't happy from the inside?

Respecting, caring and loving yourself is very important. Live life for others but first live it for yourself.

Nobody knows when they would die or when something might happen that they wouldn't be able to fulfill your dreams. Do not wait for the future, do it today.

Making plans for after retirement to do what you love but can you be sure you would be able to live till then?

Accept what you have, work for more and crave for less.
Everybody deep inside knows their worth and knows how much they are capable of doing. You just have to find your desire and follow it. At least be satisfied that you did best on your part to get what you want. Do not think about the results, concentrate on the journey.

It's very easy to lose self-confidence but very hard to gain one. But to have it is of utmost importance. Who else would have trust in you if you don't have it inside yourself?

The only constant is You. People would come and go. Some would make you happy, some would tear you apart. But it's only you who would keep yourself uptight and held up.

If you won't be independent if you won't be able to stand for yourself, how would you survive?
And mere survival isn't what we want, to live, to laugh, to enjoy is what we wish for.
Come, let's love ourselves first. Let's give another chance to ourselves and let us improve. Before expecting things from others let's do what's best for us. Come let's live again!



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Really good writing 👍👍...check out my articles too
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