The world is advancing and so is our country in it is own ways.

6 cities in our country are now a metro-city, effectively connecting its routes amo ngst itself.

The time it takes you to reach from one place to another is reduced many folds by metro.

With the metro cards, the traveling gets easier and a 10% discount during specific hours of the day, just makes it even more delightful.

With centrally air-conditioned metro, perfectly good seats and clean floors, one feels at peace and excited about the journey.

Also, the first coach is reserved for women , encouraging women to be an independent self in its own way.

The constant reminders of the next station coming up, of taking care of your own belongings, of being beware of unattended things, all of this just adds to its effectiveness.

The several lines and their breakage has divided the city into many parts making it easier to travel in lesser time.

Having public toilets and food chains at every metro station makes it user-friendly and supportive.

The best thing is you will find customer care at every metro station, so no worries if you are lost or cannot decide which path to choose.

I know metro can be confusing at times, but that is why they have the customer care service and all the other people who can help you find your way.

Also with the metro apps, people can find their path-route in no time without a problem.

I mean who could belive earlier that you can go and come back from Delhi in about a hundred rupees.

The gates, the directions, the maps all over the metro station, just makes your travel so carefree.

Plus the names of the metro station are so relevant to the place you visit that you do not have to even think of the metro station you should choose.

The way it covers almost every nook and corner of the city, is quite surprising and amazing.

The proper checking of every individual who comes to the metro station makes it a safe mode of transport.

The charging point provided in the coaches is again one great user friendly facility.

Yes, of course, during its construction many trees were cut down and many other things were sacrificed, but looking at the bigger picture, the convenience it provides you to travel right from the morning till 11 pm approx, is one of the best things happened.