Meditation- Living In The Moment

Arpita Shukla
Apr 30, 2019   •  3 views

Meditation is a process where one turns his or her attention to a single point. It helps one to increase the concentration level by focussing only on one thing at a given point of time.

In today's modern era the pace of development is so high that it's almost impossible to give time to oneself meditating and being away from a noisy atmosphere. Because of the increasing demands of human beings, it becomes impossible to suppress our thoughts even for a short while. We are into a habit of thinking and thinking and this has now become an endless process, but it is of immense importace to give some time to our mind so that it can also relax. Therefore meditation is very prominent in one's life.

Practicing meditation can help one get rid of the ongoing worries at least for a short while. So one must include this in one's daily schedule. Before going for meditation, these things should be kept in mind:

1. Relax

Relaxing includes inhaling sharply through the nose and then exhaling through the mouth. Repeat this several times and try throwing your tension and worries out.

2. Sit still

This is very prominent while meditating. Any movement will counteract the meditation effort. You must think that your body has become a rock and you cannot move a bit of it. This will help you to feel your body and mind light weighted.

3. Always look up

Eyes must be always close and the head must be kept straight at an arm's length.

Duration of meditation

It completely depends upon you on how long you meditate. For beginners, 5-15 minutes is enough and for others, 30 minutes would be good enough. Meditation can be done twice a day. The best time preferred is morning, although it can be done in the evening too.

Place fit for this activity

Always choose a place which is serene and close to nature. Terrace or a garden will be the best option. If not these places then it can be a small place in your house also but make sure to keep it calm. Use a yoga mat to sit and maintain proper posture.


Motivation can do wonders to your body and soul. The best benefit of this is that it increases your concentration and helps your mind and body relax. It also helps in reducing depression, pain, anxiety and reducing stress. So make sure to invest your little amount of time for this wonderful technique.