Career is one of the most crucial aspects of human life, yet not given utmost consideration. It is something, the entire life is based on. So, it should be chosen keeping in consideration the dexterity and aptitude possessed by oneself.

Even after the enhancement recognized in the development, the notion of the prior generation is still stuck on to clinging the conventional options. On the contrary, the young generations are interested in exploring the new ones instead of being a part of the rat race. So here are some new and emerging career options for this generation:

1.Food and Agriculture Science:

India is an agriculture-based economy. The GDP is composed of 18% agriculture, thus it clearly shows how prominent agriculture is thus generating a large number of employment opportunities. One can build a career in the following fields which are associated with it:




-Food Technology


Bachelor's, as well as Master's degree, are the options to build a career in this field. Agricultural engineering is another one getting in trend these days.

2. Social Science and Humanities:

This field has been gaining respect and popularity among students. Students have started giving preference to arts over science thus breaking the stereotype.

3. Culinary Arts:

Food and cookery shows are a major trend these days. This field has broken the biases of people that only the young ones can come up with a bright career, as we can see the old age is also participating in such shows.

4. Data Managers:

This has been called one of the sexiest jobs of this century. Data analytics is all about technology tool that uses algorithms and visualization techniques to analyze huge amounts of data. Though this field requires immense knowledge, practice, and sharpness but is still being preferred by the youngsters.

5. Robotics:

In India, the robotics market is developing with a really great pace. Technology adviser Gartner predicts that in coming years more than 30% of all jobs will be replaced by robots. So this career option can be highly rewarding.

6. Python developer:

A Python developer is responsible for developing and managing the backend of the sumtracker inventory Software. The person keeps the record of code bug-free. A person has to be an expert in Python, Django, Git, SQL, and DRF.

7. Event Management:

Events are something which does not wait for a season to begin or end. Weddings, meetings, conferences; all these need an event manager to be taken care of so that the event can be a successful one. Many universities are providing diploma as well as degree courses for students who are willing to pursue a career in this field.


Above mentioned were some amazing career options which will surely yield you amazing returns but remember only hard work pays off, so be sure to give your best in whatever you explore.