The Career Dilemma

Choosing a career is a very personal process and can sometimes be hard . We all have found ourselves in a difficult spot sometime or the other while having to choose a particular stream of learning . Starting with the tenth grade, then later in the twelfth grade, we make some important decisions that can have an impact on our career trajectory. A lot of times, there can be pressure to make decisions as quickly as possible, with not much time to think about the bigger picture. But it is always sensible to choose a career that accommodates one’s personality, values, aptitude and interests to ensure long term job satisfaction.

How to make the process easier ?

To begin with it is important to ask oneself three important questions :

  • What am I passionate about ?

  • What is my skill level in the particular domain ?

  • Can I make a sustainable livelihood out of it ?

In my opinion these three points help to clear the cloud and make it easier to land on a good option. Moreover, it is extremely helpful to do some introspection and think critically rather than be influenced by ‘Group thinking ’.

Taking help from outside : Career Counselling

Career counselors can be of great help. If the situation permits, taking an aptitude /interests /career test can be of great help.