Edge of twenty…is the main transformation in our life. It is the phase when our teenage comes to an end giving rise to new responsibilities and duties towards ourselves and our families. This is the main turning point in our life.

All the crazy things we keep doing in our colleges or schools, all the pranks we played and immature and childish things we have done comes to an end and we become mature and fully grown up adult. It is time to understand what is good or bad for us by yourself. It is time to understand what are our career goals and what needs to be done to achieve it. It is the time when we have to give direction to our life.

Every carelessness gets replaced to care for our family, complaining to our family for everything and anything not good with us get replaced by understanding our family condition and act accordingly. Depending on our family for every small thing is replaced by being a support system for our family whether it is emotional support or financial support. Taking advice for every decision is replaced by taking mature decisions for yourself and our family as well.

This is really a tough transformation everyone has to undergo while changing from teen to twenty. But it is beautiful as well. There is a kind of satisfaction in making our family proud, supporting them and giving them back whatever they have done for us and do even more for them. It is really a happy moment when we see our loved ones happy faces due to us. It is a blissful feeling when our loved ones get everything they want as we are capable to give them.

Instead of getting distracted in any other things, just focus on your goal. Trust me, you will never regret choosing your goals upon any other thing. Because no feeling can be as great as seeing your parents proud.