Socialism Is The Way To Control Global Warming.

Arkaprava Roy
Sep 25, 2019   •  24 views

Though the term socialism is mainly an ideology which demands a change in global economy but a proper implication of socialism not only can create a socialist economical system but also able to control global warming. The main two economical structures are socialism and capitalism. Both the economical system has their own way to enhance the economical condition of a nation but their impact on certain other aspects are also visible in many ways. In terms of global warming those economical ideologies are able to make difference impacts. In this article I am going to provide a brief analysis that how socialism can control the global warming.


In the 21st century the people are facing some major problems like unemployment, shortage of habitat lands and so on. Those problems are there in every countries but along with all those problems a major problem is able to establish itself as a threat for the mankind as well as for all the living beings, it is global warming. So how can socialism be able to get rid from the problem of global warming: as we all know that socialism is a structure of economy which gives equal importens to every sectors of society. Socialism demands an absolute control of government on every autonomy. So no individual can think about third own benefit because everything will going to be controlled by the government so the government must be highly concerned about the problem of the common citizens. But an owner of public sector is only concerned with his own profit so he going to produce more products. He will continuously increase his production and that will create more greenhouse gases like Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Methane, Chlorofluorocarbon etc. For that reason the global warming will going to increase day by day but a socialist government will definitely impose their concern on the necessity of their production.


But on the other hand capitalism believes on producing more and more so that they can sale their excess production in worldwide. For this capitalistic believe the industrialist will not going to stop their production because in a capitalist system the industry is under control of an industrialist not by the government.


On this outset a new sector of socialism has derived from this view to save the environment, is Eco-Socialism. Eco specialist generally believed that the expansion of capitalist system is the cause of social exclusion, poverty, war and environmental degradation through globalization and imperialism. Under the supervision of respective States and transnational structure.


Socialism not only gives equal rights to all, equal economic stability to all but also gives an equal emphasize on environment as well. As Socialism is important for a economical stability, at the same time it is also important to save the living beings as well.