Loyola Academy provides specially-abled children with different facilities , treat them no less than any other student”.

Loyola Academy Degree and PG college , situated at Alwal is one such college which has been breaking the stereotypes , especially in regard with helping the physically disabled or to be called the ‘Specially abled’ students studying in the college.

As they say there is no limit for the ones who are talented , Loyola Academy provides all the different and required facilities to the students who are specially abled.

May it be providing elevators or may it be providing wheel chairs , path ways , ramps and suitable wash rooms to the physically disabled , the college has always been helpful to them.

Authorities in college have been responsible enough in regard to the physically abled children and have taken care of them in all the aspects.

In a recent set of interviews with the principal of the college , Rev. Fr. P. Anthony and one of the senior most faculty , Mr. Stephen , we had discussed about how the specially abled students and faculty are treated in the college premise and what are the future plans in regard to any developments in the college for them.

Mr Stephen , one of the main staff of the college has shown immense spirit of brotherhood towards the specially abled and given a positive message to us.

Rev.Fr. P. Anthony ,The Principal of Loyola Academy has shown his strong sense of responsibility towards the specially abled students and has considered them highly capable and says that they must be treated with and given the respect that they deserve.

An file photo of Rev.Fr.P. Anothony.

Later on , we also had the opportunity to speak to one of the specially abled staff members in college , Mrs Madhavi where she shared her experiences in the college and how cooperative had the college been to her in all the aspects since the last 14 years and so on.

Here we have an image of Mrs. Madhavi who is a specially abled herself and has shown great courage to come forward and speak.She is highly recognized in the college for the effort and hard work she puts in her work like no other staff. Her Dedication towards her work is unparalleled to no other staff according to her colleagues.

From all the information that has been gathered , one thing is clear. Loyola Academy does follow Humanitarianism.

“Hogwarts School of Magic gives help to those who needs and deserves it.”, a quote from J.K. Rowling’s Book is very well applied here at Loyola Academy as it feels apt.

It has been more than a decade since when Loyola Academy has turned in to an disable friendly institution , setting an ideal example for all the other institutions in the city and all over the country as well as the world.

A human being should be treated accordingly and also should be given the respect they deserve no matter how they are and who they are irrespective of their physical appearance.

Being moral and also humble enough to the ones who deserve defines one character and how responsible they are towards the society.

Loyola Academy has been one such institution which has been doing this selfless service since decades and shall continue to do so in the coming times with better facilities.



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