Food - Each And Every Bite , Everyone's Right!

Anurag Mallick
Feb 08, 2019   •  3 views

Food. All the living beings on this planet consume Food. One needs to consume food inorder to survive. "The biggest weapon for survival is food".

Talking about food , Food a necessity to survive is essential for living beings. Who doesn't like food. Some cuisine or the other , everyone has some favorite dish or the other. Take Hyderabad's Dum biryani or Bengal's Roshogollah. Lucknow's kebabs or Punjab's lassi. Don't these mouth watering cuisines excite our taste buds?

This is just the beginning of the diverse food cultures. Talking about some Japanese food which consists of high proteins to some heavy Mughal cuisines which add up to a lot of calories , we just have to say and there's some dish or the other. Food doesn't have any differences. It has no borders.

Everyone in this world consumes food and works hard inorder to earn 3 healthy meals for a day. Not only does it fill our stomach , it helps us survive. Survive for a better today and even better tomorrow.

Every living being in this planet definitely survives on three things. Food , air and water. Just like air and water , food holds the same importance in every being's life.

May it be the left over food that a dog eats with utmost happiness or a family having a lavish dinner at a famous restaurant. Food is the same for all. Food is the same for all by all means. It can be a roadside begger eating a piece of bread or a teen having a coffee from Starbucks. It may differ in terms of money but at the end of the day it fills your hugry stomach.

Humanity and Food go hand in hand. Humanity definitely question's a human's character when it comes to sharing food.

Every living being should be provided 3 healthy meals a day. That is when humanity comes in. Giving or sharing food with some one will never make you smaller. It would only make you big by heart. It's food after all.

If this world requires anything the most , It's food. More than 50% of the entire world's population go to sleep with a hungry stomach. This only leads to two things. Either Death or the battle for life goes on for another day.

It's really saddening on your part that we being human beings don't see and understand the pain of our fellow living beings. The actual problem doesn't even lie in seeing and understanding but lies in Not Helping.

As a responsible human being , it is our duty to do our part and help our fellow beings in surviving. The only way in which we can help is by providing food according to our capability.

It's time for change. Let us make sure each and everyone gets food. "Each and every Bite , Everyone's Right."