Your Bridge Of Life V/S Mine.

Anuj Singh
Nov 09, 2019   •  8 views

The long bridge of life , shattered and broken is  everyone's story girl and every one has its own version of expression.

Yes the wooden bridge is broken and yes each and every step is countable but what matters more is who was the one breaking it and who was the one becoming the wooden block of your life to help you let go of all this and be happy.

Yes life is so beautiful like bridge between two mountain beneath the open beautiful sky and one more truth is the bridges also faces a lot and gets damaged to its zenith after a certain point of time but it doesn't mean the creator i.e. god being unfair to you. Life is meant to be like this to make you and me a real life warrior girl. The happiness is everywhere just change your perception and look for positivity and goodness in you and situations.

Each wood you have talked about , to me resembles as people like wood they are uncertain they break and make u fall too with it and you must learn how to bounce back and not every wood is same some are like the toughest one who are heard to break and it becomes a genuine asset if they genuinely care for you keeping everything aside just you and you.

The bridge is a symbol of togetherness and it promotes support will make your way of life easy just learn to find true one and just give a fuck to that support who left you because you only said stop letting people who do so little for you to control your emotion and mind. Be free you're not a bird to be caged in the past fly along us to the rainbow and will shown the real colours of life.

And let's cross the bridge named life .