Mycenae is an antique city and is one of the oldest UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece. There is a place called Epidaurus which is famous for its ancient theatre. There is a fortified city in the south of Peloponnese, Monemvasia the road of which is completely hidden by cliffs.

You should definitely go to the fortress and the Upper city to see the breath-taking view of the city and sea.

Olympia Archaeological site is a must-see attraction in Greece, Olympia is known to be the birthplace of the Ancient Olympic Game and now the lightening ceremony of the Olympic flame takes place here. If you’re planning a road trip to Greece, you can drive to The Meteora, the rock formation at this place results from the erosion of inland sea.

You can also visit the largest monastery located on 610 metres high hill the Monastery of Great Meteoron.

Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in this country, it attracts lesser tourists as it is located in the north of Greece. The places you can visit here the White Tower which has been the most iconic monument of the country, you can seek for some peace at the Churches here, Thessaloniki Citadel located in the upper city is famous for its sunsets views.

Thessaloniki has shopping attractions too if you wish to get some local products, you can go to Modiano Market or you can also go to Egnatia, a must for shopping-lovers!

Located in southern Greece, the Cyclades consists of 39 islands which are definitely a great choice to make. Starting with Santorini, you can see that perfect picture of the white church with a blue dome on mostly every postcard, the volcanic island of Santorini is too magnificent! This has been one of the best islands for couples to visit.

If you wish to go to the party with your friends then you can visit the perfect island here which is the Mykonos, you would love the hip techno bars here!

Home to gorgeous scenery both above and under the sea surrounding it, Zákynthos Island is another top tourist destination in Greece, Pebble and sand beaches are the biggest boasts here. Shipwreck Beach is the most famous and the stunning sea caves like the Blue Caves reflects the colour os sky on the cave walls creating a magical glow around.

Inspired by Meditteranean cuisine, Greece is the home to some of the finest ingredients in the world.

Starting with Taramasalata (Fish roe drip), Grilled meat, Fresh fish ending with Feta and cheese. If you love desserts then you should try Honey & baklava.

Greece has long been a family holiday favourite with its beautiful blue waters, child-friendly beaches and an abundance of delicious food.