Have you ever felt pain, to extreme levels? Like it cannot be taken up any further? What do you do in such a case?

Try a method to relieve or cure that pain.
Though there are many options to relieve pain, people tend to choose one that gives maximum relief in minimum time. It is a pretty good and calculative way to calm pain but is it a proven formula that would work in every case.

The answer is NO. Why?
Suppose that you have a child. You took all the pains so that nothing would lack in their upbringing. Sacrifices, restless nights, hardships - everything is fine if it is about them.

He is an adult now and you send him abroad for his higher studies.
And one day, you get news that your beloved son committed suicide because he couldn't get placed in a big MNC due to his low CGPA.

Now, what kind of pain would you feel.
Probably something which is inexplicable or beyond words.
It is just a hypothetical situation for you
Think about those who have suffered this.
How badly their heart would have been broken by seeing their beloved son in a closed coffin.
And all this happened why ?
Because their children couldn't bear the aftermath of their failure and felt like they have failed the hopes, dreams and aspirations of their parents.

So, they choose the easiest way and that is quitting.
Throughout the world, the suicide rates among teens are at peak because their mind being more fragile, can't take up the guilt or regret of loss and in many cases, instead of telling their parents about that, they choose the option to go to another abode, so that they won't have to face their parents again.

But what about them, who raised them all the way, just to witness the bodies of their beloved ones in a coffin.

There is a lack of responsibility and sense. No matter how grave the situation is, one should never choose such perilous options that might cost their family their hope to live in this world.

If it's your fault, face it. Don't punish your parents for something that they have not done.
A small act of sensible introspection might save the lives of many.
Life would give you many opportunities. Look at those which are in front of you. Not at those which passed.

And never turn your back against hardwork because it is the only thing that would still be with you till the end of time and no efforts ever get wasted.

Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts forever.