Every girl has the dream of becoming a bride one day. The most beautiful bride in the whole world. Not only the girl herself, but her parents and family members also wish for the same that a charming prince is waiting somewhere for their daughter and will always keep her happy and blissful.

This feeling, this emotion, whose mere imagination is enough to make any girl teary eyed, what if everything that is happening, she has almost no idea about it.

Maybe she doesn't know what marriage is and why it happens and what if she doesn't even know who her husband is.

All hells will break loose if she will find out that her husband is a person more than twice of her age.

And such a situation, where marriage is forced on a child, even under any dire situations or circumstances, is known as child marriage.

That little girl, unaware of the celebrations around her doesn't even know that why marriage happens.

Her young mind and body are not ready to negotiate with the duties of a wife towards her husband as well as towards the family of her in-laws.

Child marriage has a very catastrophic effect on the mind and body of the children, especially if she is a girl child.

Though the situations are not that terrible for them, but even then also, boys also get affected by child marriage because at such an immature age, they are not able to bear the responsibilities of a new family or household and when puberty strikes, the case is deteriorated even further.

If someone is married at an immature age, due to any circumstances, it tends to have really adverse effects on their body.

Even though, Child marriage is illegal in India, still in many areas, especially in rural ones, this evil ritual is still practiced, be it in broad daylight or even during night.

All this happens due to the lack of awareness among people of the negative impact that child marriage has on the health and the tender minds of their children and ultimately, they are pushing their innocent children into a dark pit, threatening their lives, with their very own hands.

What is the reason behind such negligence that people are pushing their children in an open well and they leave iton their luck and capability that how much are they able to deal with and whether they will eventually survive or die.

This is, one of the major evils of society that is hollowing its roots day by day.
Some people insist that it is a part of their culture and if they would refrain from doing that, they will be boycotted from their society and will have no option left than to live like an outcast among their own community.

But, is it okay to sacrifice the dreams and desires of a child for the sake of an age old custom, whose utility is null in current times.

The answer is a big NO.
Childhood is an age to enjoy, to learn, to play and to grow, not an age to worry about the household duties and family burdens.

Child marriage can hamper the mental and physical growth of children in the worst way possible.
With almost null relevant pros for modern times, its cons are endless and that too, disastrous. So, it is the duty of people to save their children from this evil practice because being the parents, their children trust them the most and it is, thus, solely their responsibility that the trust and faith of their children remains intact..

They are children, not dolls.
Let them play with dolls, don’t let someone else play with them and their childhood.