Me Before You(2016) - Movie Review

Anjana Kurup
Feb 12, 2019   •  9 views

For all the Movie Lovers and Lovers out there, this is one great movie that you should watch. Not a typical love story, but sure has all the features of one. The movie will be a great experience. It really does justice to the title, all of you can learn a lot from it, about love, life and your destiny.

Hope almost all my dear readers have seen 'Fault in Our Stars'. If you liked it, then you will not at all be disappointed by this movie. The plot of the movie is not something you normally expect in a love story, but this movie does have more love than any typical romance film. Emilia Clarke looks beautiful while brilliantly portraying the character. Each and every minute thing in this movie does speak for itself, every scene is shown with breathtaking beauty and it surely catches our heart. Moreover, it's not just about love, it shows things much deeper. Care, selflessness, motivation, sacrifice and much more.

I would surely suggest the movie to everyone, especially dear lovers. Also, if you like this one another suggestion is Stronger(Jake Gyllenhaal) and Love and Other Drugs.

Watch and Enjoy