5 Handpicked Haunted Places In The World

Anjali Tiwary
May 27, 2019   •  41 views

I’ve always had this zeal for paranormal investigation, owing to the fact that I find ghost stories and horror movies very fascinating. That is the reason I spend most of my free time researching about places that can give a person quite the chills they’re expecting. Here’s a list of haunted places handpicked by me, that are worthy of exploration by brave hearts.

1. Lawang Sewu

On the top of my list is the Indonesian castle of Lawang Sewu, formerly a railway building used as a prison during the Second World War. The place is known to have a thousand doors (of which not one would be helpful to escape when… you get caught, ahem…) and the number of ghosts reported to be haunting the castle exceeds half a century. If you’re thinking that the Lawang Sewu is an ideal Halloween vacation spot, haha, please change your mind, as many who went in with that predisposition never returned.

2. Amityville House

A stunning architectural wonder, one of the most dangerously haunted places in the world, the Amityville House has seen a terrible event of a child of the family living in it murder the entire family, including his parents and his four siblings. No family has been able to reside in the house comfortably for more than a couple of days after that. The family of the dead ensures it without fail.

3. Bhangarh Fort

The ancient fort of Bhangarh is one of the most haunted places in India, famous for the curse of a taantrik (sorcerer) prevailing in the place. The sorcerer, who desired the love of a local princess, Ratnavati, was sentenced to death in the fort, and had therefore placed the curse on the entire Bhangarh to have his revenge. Voices calling out “Ratnavati, come here,” can be heard by people who visit the castle, and entry to the fort before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.

4. St. Augustine Lighthouse

Lighthouses, whether haunted or not, have always given me the scariest vibes. Home to a number of ghosts of drowned people, the St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida got highlighted when the lights on it were turned off during the Civil War, leading to tragic accidents in the sea, which in turn led to the ghosts of the drowned haunt the lighthouse till date.

5. Hoia Baciu Forest

The most haunted forest in the world, the Hoia Baciu Forest in Clujnapoca, Romania, is known to be famous for the eeriness and paranoia that follows anyone who willingly or unknowingly enters it. More than just seeing things like apparitions and ghosts, which can be argued to be creations of one’s own mind as a reaction to fear, people have reported visual proofs like photographs where the unearthly existences have been captured into the frame. The most frightening thing about the forest is; it is almost impossible to find your way back if you get lost, and if you get lost… well, you won’t be alone.

Friendly reminder before we part: These places aren’t meant for Halloween parties. It is risky to visit them, as most who did never came back to tell the tale.



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I am just glad about one thing, out of all these places just one resides in India! Great work!
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