I am travelling here and there

Searching for my own pride which is left down for a thousand miles

I am a crownless women who left her crown for a long time.

Nobody knows where I stand

There is a side room where I packed my all tears and pain

I left my home once to find my existence



I am at same place adoring my child

Someone taught me that a woman is always strong and tend to be humiliated whatever the situation is like

She is born to be called father's princess

But the princess doesn't know where she left her crown after being the woman of her house

Do you know where is the crown?

It's down the feat of person who tends to see her superior from every woman of his house

The father who gave the crown

Taught her to take all the suffering whatever it cost beyond her life




But the time will come

Soon or later

the women will lift

she will carry her pride with all devotions

There will be a day when we will all celebrate women's day with real pride!!!!!

Happy hopefully women's day