I Don'T Love Him But I Am With Him

Morning coffee has never been so fascinating if it's not made by him,

The morning walk has never been possible ever , if he has not been my alarm clock

He is so perfect that sometimes I thought of how can I never been fell in love with this guy

I actually don't love him but I am with him

I still remember when I met the man of my life , actually the person whom I felt to be the man of my life,

The scars , the black mark on my body still make me realize again and again that I was wrong when I love and expected such men's in my life


It's never to late, never too fast

I found someone who calls him the men of my hazardous life

Not every man act the same , he teaches me that

He is the guy , who loves me without expecting love in terms of my back

Those scars and mark disappeared when he swallows all my darkness on his palm

I don't love him but I am with the actual men of my scars and dark 💙💚❤

I don't love him but I am with him